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 The quality production begins with respect for labor. Through its production strategy which it determined grounding on respect to each grain where the elbow grease falls on, Safa Değirmen (Milling) has been working on the manufacture of spare parts for milling machines in its factory plant with 2000 m2 covered field and 3000 m2 in total since 2001.

Safa Değirmen (Milling) pushed the customer-based prestige over the top through feedbacks and keeping up with changing and developing technology. It always presents its customers rapid and permanent solutions through developing its infrastructure and the materials which are the backbones of the milling machines production. Safa Değirmen (Milling) with the certificates of TSE, EN ISO 9001:2008 and CE established its institutional structure in the global standards through proving its international acceptance.

Through the R&D department which is included in it, Safa Değirmen (Milling) is continuously renewing and developing itself and working with respect.

About Us
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